Local Council Elections – help needed!

MAKE SURE CLIMATE CHANGE is an important issue in Council Elections!

Help letterbox for DCAN about the Darebin Council elections this weekend please!

As you probably know there have been some very troubling recent times in Darebin Council with regard to climate change, development, accountability and responsibility.

  • The Council voted to discontinue Darebin’s membership of the Northern Alliance for Greenhouse Action (NAGA) depriving residents of more than $1.5 million in practical help to reduce their greenhouse emissions and their power bills.  More here
  • Many residents have been disturbed by Council deciding in favour of inappropriate development counter to Council policy. More here 
  • Council decision making and possible State and Federal political interference on planning and grants has been referred for investigation by the State Government Ombusdman. More here

In this context the Darebin Community Network was formed by several local community groups to help the community make informed decisions about their vote in the upcoming elections.

DCAN has been an active member.

Candidates have been sent a questionnaire on their attitudes and active history on climate change, appropriate development, accountability and responsiveness.

Their response to the questionaires have been collated in to a printed guide for voters – and this needs to be letterboxed to voters in Rucker and Kazaly Wards – this weekend.

The leaflet can be viewed at Darebin Community Network  on Friday


CAN YOU HELP PLEASE TO LETTERBOX THE LEAFLET — THIS WEEKEND – before postal voting starts on October 10.

Please email DarebinCAN@gmail.com if you can help with a couple of hours or more any time between Saturday and Tuesday. Pick them up from Northcote or we can deliver to you.

Hope you will be part of this month of action!
Jane, Carol, Beck, John, Keith, Adrian, Craig and Tim 

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