About Us

Darebin Climate Action Network is an independent non-party-politically aligned group of local citizens of all ages – campaigning for a safe climate future.

  • We want to educate and inform the community about the urgency of the climate crisis.
  • We urge Governments at all levels to recognise a climate emergency and act accordingly.
  • We urge you to become informed about climate change and the crisis facing all humanity.
  • We welcome new members to help take action to influence our political leaders.
  • We can keep you up-to-date with climate action you can participate in.
  • We can help to lead discussions or provide speakers for your community group.
  • We can help you form your own Climate Action Group in your neighbourhood, workplace, union, professional association, community group or school.

Darebin Climate Action Network holds meetings on the last Monday of each month at 7.30pm – contact us for details or see the newsletter tab on this website.

Darebin Climate Action Network is an active member of the Climate Emergency Network – a network of community organisations and individuals campaigning for an urgent and effective response to a climate and sustainability emergency.

The formation of the network was inspired by the publication of Climate Code Red: the case for emergency action, by Melbourne authors David Spratt and Philip Sutton. (Scribe Publications, 2008).

Our Vision

We face a climate emergency. Our vision is to work together at emergency speed to restore in a just way a safe climate in time for all people, all species and all generations.

Our Campaign objectives

  1. Continue to build community understanding of the latest climate science and its implications for action. Specifically we aim to build community support for a goal of stabilisation at 300ppm CO2 and strong international agreement in line with what science and global justice demands.
  2. Build community action to achieve a rapid 100% renewable energy and a zero emissions economy.
  3. Build community support to prevent the building of new fossil fuel infrastructure and to close down existing fossil fuel infrastructure.
  4. Identify local fossil fools (fuels!) and out them!