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Climate Science – brief introduction

We’ve put together an easy-to-read summary of the climate science in only two pages! This two-pager will give you a brief overview of climate science, and why global warming is happening as a result of the greenhouse gas emissions we make. You can download it here by clicking on the picture. Many thanks to our very own scientific adviser, Keith Burrows, for putting this together.

Dealing with the Deniers

Here’s a fantastic, brief and easy-to-read summary of the deniers’ arguments, and why they are wrong. This summary deals with the facts, and not the fiction of the deniers. You can download it here by clicking on the picture. Again, thanks to Keith Burrows for his efforts with this paper.

Talk Climate reader

Check out this collection of provocative ideas, reflections and science which has been assembled by the Victorian Climate Action Centre as a contribution to the second national Australian Climate Action Summit held in Canberra in March 2010.

  • Ten lessons for the climate movement redux
  • Looking forward: looking back (2009)
  • Why the national movement should support the campaign to close Hazelwood power station
  • It’s hard to avoid rising sea-levels
  • Is The Greens proposal for a carbon tax our priority?
  • A circuit-breaker
  • Language of a clean energy economy

Download here:

Responses to Questions & Objections on Climate Change

This is a fantastic paper put together by Dr Brett Parris who is the Chief Economist, World Vision Australia & Research Fellow, Monash University. This paper debunks the arguments used by the deniers. It’s a wonderful and informing read and we’ve included it here to help with the wave of sophisticated global warming denialism currently sweeping the globe.

An iPhone app to challenge the sceptics

For the those that like to get their science in the latest technology format, here’s a great little iPhone application that has been developed right here in Melbourne. On the fly you can keep up-to-date with the latest science and respond to the arguments used to deny global warming. Also, make sure you check out the top 10 most used sceptical arguments.

Dealing in Doubt

This excellent review from GreenPeace outlines the techniques used by denialists  in this 20-year summary of organised attacks on climate science, scientists and the IPCC. It sets out some of the key moments in this campaign of denial started by the fossil fuel industry, and traces them to their sources.

Recent updates from Scientific Organisations

Since the publication of the IPCC AR4 report, many exemplary efforts have been made by leading scientific institutions from around the world. These reports by climate scientists who have published in the peer-reviewed climate literature – an important distinction to make between some “scientists” commenting in this area – summarise the key updates to the science, and paint an ever gloomier picture of the global warming occurring right now, and alarming projections for the future.

Climate Change 2009: Faster Change & More Serious Risks

A 2009 report by Professor Will Steffen of the Australian National University for the Australian Government Department of Climate Change.

The Copenhagen Diagnosis

This 2009 report by the University of New South Wales Climate Change Research Centre (CCRC) updates the world on the latest climate science.

Synthesis Report: Climate Change – Global Risks, Challenges & Decisions

This 2009 report by the University of Copenhagen synthesises the latest climate science.