Major DCAN event – This thursday

TURNING THE TITANIC a radio play and Public Forum this Thursday September 6th at Northcote Town Hall at 7.30

  • Darebin Council Election Forum
  • NAGA membership reconsidered at Council meeting Tonight.
  • Screening of ‘Bimblebox’, documentary on coal and gas.
  • The story of change – More form Annie Leonard



a radio play and Public Forum

Don’t miss the performance of this allegory of the current climate change debate asking the question: “Why do we find it so difficult to accept the findings of climate science and respond to the challenge of global warming?” Join with us, as we turn back the clock one hundred years to imagine ourselves on the Titanic maiden voyage and see how the history reflects our current situation.

Public Forum

Guest facilitators: Dr Graeme Pearman, former Chief of Atmospheric research CSIRO

Sue Pratt, from Psychology for a Safe Climate

7.30pm, Thursday September 6 

at Northcote Town Hall, Studio 1,189 High St Northcote

Entry by donation

Written and Produced by A GRAND STAND for the Environment Inc.


Radio 3CR interviews the producer and panel 

LISTEN  to Turning the Titanic  3CR 855 at 5pm tonight , Monday 3 September,  as part of BEYOND ZERO RADIO SHOW

Climate Scientist Dr Graeme Pearman, will talk about his experience at the CSIRO . He was constrained from telling the truth about climate change which clashed with the short term profits of our business model. Are our 2012 scientists like the 1912 crew on the Titanic? Dr Pearman will be present at the performance of “Turning the Titanic” to answer scientific questions.

Psychologist Sue Pratt talks to us about  helping audiences face their fears and reframe the climate crisis. We need to tell the truth about how serious the situation is and then grasp the fact that we have the solutions in our hands.


Major DCAN event!! Turning the Titanic

Turning the Titanic – stimulating night out!

To all DCAN members – please come along to this stimulating, moving and thought provoking night. Please also let others know about this event. Turning the Titanic will be presented by:


The Story of Change

The Story of Change – More from Annie Leonard

Story of Stuff creator Annie Leonard has just created a new online video called the “Story of Change: Why citizens (not shoppers) hold the key to a better world.”
She says, “Look back at successful movements – civil rights, anti-apartheid, the early environmental victories – and you’ll see that three things are needed to make change at the scale we need today:
1. First, we need a Big Idea of how things could be better – a morally compelling, ecologically sustainable and socially just idea that will not just make things a little better for a few, but a lot better for everyone.
2. Second, we need a commitment to work together.
3. Finally, we need all of us who share that Big Idea to get active.”

Here’s Annie’s blog about the video:

Here’s a link to the video:
Look for the fun “What kind of changemaker are you?” quiz at the end.

HRL Coal Power Station – funding stripped by Federal Gov at last!

Dear Quit Coalers and DCAN members – we post with excellent news!!

It can be easy to despair when you are campaigning so hard on an issue for so long. Sometimes you can feel like the government just isn’t listening to you and that all your efforts are a bit pointless.

  • But not today!

Quit Coal and DCAN have been campaigning for over a year against the proposal by the company HRL to build a dirty brown coal power station in Victoria.

And today Martin Ferguson, the Federal Minister for Energy and Resources, announced that the government would be scrapping its $100 million grant to the company because it failed to meet the grant requirements. Alleluia he saw the light. 

HRL wanted to build the first new coal fired power station in Victoria for almost 20 years, and Quit Coal, along with many other concerned groups, have been urging the government to withdraw its funding.

Quit Coal, Greenpeace and Environment Victoria, Yarra Climate Action Now, Beyond Zero Emissions, Darebin Climate Action Now (DCAN), Doctors for the Environment Victoria, LIVE and many others have held rallies, sent out petitions, lobbied and pushed hard for the government to make the right decision.

Recently DCAN and Quit Coal held an extensive doorknocking campaign in Mr Ferguson’s electorate of Batman, to show the government that the community didn’t want this project.

This is a huge win, as the government has finally heard that we want no new coal in Victoria!

While HRL has not yet announced that they are cancelling the project, they have no private funding and without the government grant, it’s hard to see how the project can progress. Although the company claims that the plant would use ‘clean coal’, we all know that there is no such thing.

The technology used would only have made the plant as ‘clean’ as a black coal, which is still among the highest polluting energy sources in the world.

Congratulations to everyone who worked hard and sacrificed their time, money and energy to stop this project from happening. Thanks from DCAN to the members who made the effort on their weekends to get out there and walk the streets against this environmentally vandalising project – it seems to have really helped!!

If you want to help us win the next campaign, then get involved!

For more information on this decision, check out

To stop other new coal projects in Victoria, sign our moratorium on new coal and coal seam gas.

And most importantly, stay tuned for when our HRL celebration event is announced!

Thanks again from DCAN – Jane, Carol, Beck, John, Keith, Adrian, Craig and Tim – and of course Quit Coal.

July Newsletter AND meeting this Monday (23 July)

Monthly meeting – this Monday night at 7pm at the Northcote Library.

DCAN Update meeting Monday July 23 @ 7PM to 8.30pm

Hear about

  • Darebin Community Solar project: Join our working group – more details below
  • Dirty deals: Find out what’s going wrong on our local council -more details below
  • Darebin Community Network: work with other community groups to make changes at the council elections in October – more details below

July Newsletter – what’s happening?

Vote Climate: Help make climate change an issue in the Melbourne by-election. 

DCAN and other inner city climate action groups are working together to inform voters about the climate change policies of the parties and candidates in the Melbourne by-election. Elections are the times when politicians and members of the public are most responsive to hearing our views.

Vote Climate will be producing and distributing a scorecard which rates the candidates on their climate change policies. Climate action groups will be letterboxing the score card this weekend, 14-15 July, and handing it out on polling day – 21 July.

Click here to volunteer

Darebin Community Solar project: Join our working group

Imagine community owned renewable energy rolling out across Darebin – independent from the profiteering of the big energy companies, available as an investment to residents who can’t put solar on their own rooves but want to make a difference. In Hepburn Springs, the local community raised over $13 million to build the Hepburn Wind farm.

In Darebin there is no room for a wind farm, but we can build our own medium-sized (400 panels) solar plant. All we need is a willing roof owner with a large north-facing roof and then we can set up a community owned solar plant which gives local investors a return on their investment and provides clean power to the roof owner at a reasonable price. Solar power is coming down rapidly in price and our expert advisors tell us that we are at the point where community power is financially viable. Several other climate groups are working on similar projects, sharing knowledge and skills. Once the first community solar power plant is working and we know how the process works, we can roll them out one after the other.

Next Darebin Solar Project working group meeting is at 7.30 at a home in Northcote. Reply here if you would like to come and we will tell you the address.

Dirty deals?

In recent years, Darebin Council has been one of the greenest councils in Australia, working hard to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our local area. Darebin’s achievements on climate change were initiated by Greens councillor, Trent McCarthy, and supported by some of the greener ALP Councillors, Gaetano Greco, Tim Lawrence and Vince Fontana. In the early years of the current Council, Diana Asmar was also part of this voting bloc.

In a concerning reversal of direction on climate change action, Councillor Ben Morgan, a climate ‘sceptic’, moved to not renew membership of the Northern Alliance for Greenhouse Action – a climate action body which would potentially have given Darebin businesses and low income earners access to millions of dollars of federal funding for energy efficiency. This motion was passed by Council, on 21 May, five to four with the support of current mayor Steven Tsitas, Nick Katsis, Stanley Chiang and Diana Asmar. Read more here

The same block of five councillors has been involved in passing several controversial planning approvals through the Planning Committee. There are reports that an Ombudsman’s investigation is underway over possible bribes .

A couple of weeks ago Martin Ferguson’s office convened a meeting of the local ALP branch to tighten control over the ALP councillors by bringing back a formal endorsement process. Read more here:
Will the progressive ALP candidates who have been supporting strong action on climate change be endorsed to stand at the next council election in October? Or will they have to resign and stand as independents? Stay tuned!

Darebin Community Network

DCAN is joining with other community groups to make changes at the council elections in October. We are contacting local groups supporting sustainability or opposing inappropriate development to form a communication network The Darebin Community Network will share information about what is going on at council and rate candidates at the coming council election in October. We hope to use the elections to clean up the council – to elect councillors who will support clean green energy and sustainability and open and transparent planning decisions. No more dirty deals! If you would like to help or hear more,

Activities for June – get involved!

The three key issues in this news letter.

  • Hazelwood decision
    • Keep the pressure up HRL door knocking with QUIT COAL
    • BZE – Wild Weather report on 3CR this Monday
    • Hazelwood Decision close
  • There are just over two weeks until the June 30 deadline for negotiations to Replace Hazelwood and other dirty power stations across Australia.

    So this week is crucial. We need to convince the government to deliver on their promise, and replace 2000MW of polluting brown-coal fired power stations.

    Can you call the Prime Minister Julia Gillard and ask her to deliver on her commitment to replace 2000MW of brown coal-fired power stations?

    It’s really easy, and will only take two minutes. Just dial (02) 6277 7700. When the receptionist answers the phone, say:

    My name is ______. I live in________ I’m calling to ask the Prime Minister to deliver on her commitment to close 2000 megawatts of brown coal-fired power and to replace it with clean energy. Thank you”

    Make the call so Julia Gillard knows just how wide support for replacing Hazelwood is. The pressure’s on around the country – but what about your town or suburb? She needs to hear from people in Batman where the Minister for Energy resides! With your messages of support flowing in, the Prime Minister will know that the community want Hazelwood replaced with clean energy.

    • Door knocking for Quit Coal</strong>

    First of all, a big THANK YOU to those who helped with the HRL door knocking campaign in Martin Ferguson’s electorate on Saturday June 3.

    Feed back from door knocking suggests that lots of the people you met were not already aware of the key environmental and sustainability issues around HRL – but they are now! There’s nothing quite like personal face-to face interaction to put people in the picture, and raise awareness and concern.

    The petitions and letters you gathered have now been data entered and are in the process of being submitted to Martin Ferguson and also been sent to Prime Minister Julia Gillard and key allies in the fight against HRL.

    We’re having another round of door-knocking in Batman electorate, and we’d like you to join us. Once again the focus will be on a targeted part of the electorate – Martin Ferguson’s electorate – and we’ll get together beforehand.

    • Date: Sunday June 24
    • Everyone meet for training: 2 pm
    • Venue: private house in Batman (RSVP for the address)
    • Door-knocking: 3-5 pm
    • De-brief and some nibbles: 5-6 pm

    When you come along, bring some old envelopes so we can put petitions and letters of concern in these, to save some money/trees and also to give the submission of these some variety of appearance and ‘texture’. Just like homemade! Also maybe bring an umbrella, a water-bottle and a friend.

    Can you come? Please let Quit Coal know ASAP so they can organize the appropriate number of door knocking maps and areas etc.

    • Wild Weather ?!?!- Listen to 3CR Monday 18th June

    Beyond Zero Emissions Radio 5pm on Radio 3CR (855AM) in Melbourne and streaming live from streaming

    There’s nothing like experience, and poet Neil Astley takes us into the heart of Cyclone Tracey, how it thrashed his house in Darwin and even ten years later made him a “quieter” man.
    Professor Ann Henderson –Sellers talks to us about tropical cyclones . She is a leading climate scientist who started out at the London Bureau of Metorology and founded the Climatic Impacts Centre at Macquarie University.
    David Rovics, sings to us about how Hurricane Katrina is a metaphor for the world thrown upside down by climate change.His song is called “New Orleans”
    The recent State of the Climate put out by Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO isn’t on everyone’s mind, so Dr Karl Braganza why the TV weather we ask BoM’s man isn’t followed every night by the Climate Person? Why do people confuse weather with climate? What is La Nina and would geo engineering be a good idea? He takes us to our AIR ARCHIVE stashed away like wine in a vault and explains why it is a national treasure.

    Hope you will be part of this month of action! Jane, Carol, Beck, John, Keith, Adrian, Craig and Tim

    LEAFLETTING help? Get fit too!!


    Can you help Environment Victoria staff a train station or do some letterboxing in the next 2 weeks in the countdown to the deadline to secure a deal to close Hazelwood power station? More info about why is below……..

    But firstly, the ‘what’………..

    Could you sign and share the petition at

    Could you help us hand out leaflets to commuters at Bell, Preston, Fairfield or Croxton train stations this coming week!

    • We will be at BELL, PRESTON, FAIRFIELD this Wednesday 13th from 7.30 to 9.00am, and at CROXTON on this Thursday 14th from 7.30 to 9am.
  • We already have 1 person rostered for each station, but we still need 1 more person for each station to accompany them.

    • Could you do some letterboxing in the Melbourne electorate between now and June 23? Each map takes about 1.5 hours to do.
  • If you can help with either of these tasks and be part of this last push as we enter the home stretch of the Hazelwood campaign, please contact Anne Martinelli on or 0417 114 088 ASAP.

    • And now the ‘why’ behind this call for volunteers………
  • As many of you will know, the Federal Government is currently in negotiations with the owners of Hazelwood and other polluting power stations to close down three of these big polluters. The negotiation deadline is 30 June – just three weeks away. But recent media reports suggest that the government might walk away from the negotiation table – leaving Hazelwood and other power stations polluting for decades to come.

    Unless the government receives pressure from people across the country this crucial moment to Replace Hazelwood, cut pollution, and bring online clean renewable energy could be lost. When we’re so close to what could be one of the most significant wins the climate movement has ever had in Australia, we simply can’t let this opportunity fail.

    For this reason, Environment Victoria is mobilising volunteers for a major community push in these last few weeks to raise public consciousness of the issue, to encourage Labor backbenchers to start asking questions about what the process will actually deliver, and to show decision makers in the ALP that there is public support for replacing Hazelwood.

    Environment Victoria campaigners went to Canberra to meet with key MPs last week and heard that our efforts are having an impact – we just need more people to get behind it in these last few weeks to get the negotiations over the line.

  • Hope to hear from you DCAN TEAM Jane, Tim, Keith, Beck, Carol, Adrian, Craig and Suzie